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Wow - A new time and foil saving device!

With our new optional multi-print attachments, you will now be able to print several  ribbons at the same time.

Our special attachments will mean that you will save money on foils and also save a great deal of time when printing your ribbons. For example, our 4 x10mm attachment will enable you to print four ribbons at the same time using a 55mm wide foil. This will mean, that you are not wasting foil but are getting the maximum usage out of a roll of foil - in this case, 3 times more use!

What's interesting is the fact that all four ribbons need not have the same information - every ribbon could have different information for a different customer, with different fonts!  The only common thing will be that the same colour foil will be used.  As you can see in the right hand image, we have used a 10mm adapter to print four ribbons with different information on each one, using a 55mm wide black foil.

With our special attachments, you will reduce your operating costs, increase your profit margins and save on time - it's a win-win situation!

With our ZX-40 Ribbon Printer, you can currently print ribbons from as small as 5mm in width to 100mm wide sashes anyway. However in order to give you greater scope, we have now made the following  optional multi-print attachments, in the following configurations:-

Off-the-shelf multi-print attachments


Buy online - click here

Custom-made attachments

We can now also custom attachments for you depending on your individual requirements. For example, if you print a lot of 20mm wide ribbons, then we can make special attachment for you whereby, you will be able to print at least 4 x 20mm wide ribbons at the same time using a 110mm wide foil!

The price for a one-off custom-made attachment will be  39.99+VAT

Buy online - click here

External Ribbon & Sash Holder/Feeder   29.99+VAT

The new and very useful device is great for holding larger rolls of ribbons and sashes which would otherwise not fit inside the machine. With this revolutionary device, the ribbon sits outside, to the rear of the the ZX-40 Ribbon Printer. The ribbon or sash is simply fed into the machine in the usual way, ready for printing.

However, that's not all, our device also accepts ribbons and sashes with small and large core sizes thereby helping to avoid those frustrating problems where core sizes can vary from one supplier to another.

Buy online - click here

Tidy-Rack 64.99+VAT
(or 49.99+VAT when purchased with any of our 
ribbon printer packages)

We listen to our customer's problems and come up with quick solutions. This is what makes Creative Printers' the leading suppliers of Ribbon Printing Machines and accessories.

We have had the Tidy-Rack custom designed to neatly hold foils/ribbons as used with ribbon printers. You will not find this product elsewhere.

The Tidy-Rack means that will be able to neatly store you foils onto the Tidy-Rack and no longer have to resort to just placing them in just a drawer (or worst still on a work table and watch the foil roll down and fall off !).

The Tidy-Rack has been designed to hold 18 rolls of foils for ribbon printers (It holds 6 foils on each (3) sides and on the fourth side, we have left more space to hold die cut labels, washcare labels, sticky labels and even larger rolls of foils as used in the hot foil industry. The Tidy-Rack is so innovative and useful that you might find many other uses for it!

The Tidy-Rack is a high quality, British-Made unit which measures just 28cm High x 38cm  wide (from end of one hook to the end of the other hook) . The legs are 33cm x 33cm. (In inches , the measurements are approximate 11" x 15") The X base takes footspace of is 33cm x 33cm (13" x 13").

and is therefore compact enough to sit alongside your ribbon printer. The top part of the Tidy-Rack can also freely turn 360 degrees thereby making the foil selection process easy.

The Tidy-Rack is now available to purchase .

You do not a have to be a CPL customer to purchase one of these attractive rotating foil stands. You can click here to shop online.















Multi-Print Attachments

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Optional external large
ribbon & sash

Accepts ribbons with large
and small cores with ease.

Price: 29.99+VAT



Tidy-Rack to neatly hold
and store your printing foils.

This item is exclusive to CPL.

For more images,
please click here.

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