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Print Bumper Stickers with the ZX-40 !




      1) Cut self-adhesive vinyl to length
      2) Feed vinyl through the ZX-40
      3) Feed foil colour of your choice and press print head down
      4) Press 'Print'
      5) Trim to size
      6) Peel and apply to Bumper Stickers, Vehicles, Notice Boards etc.

Bumper Stickers produce excellent revenue and are a good source of regular income. You can also print in several colours by simply feeding the sticker through the ZX-40 several times.

We supply self-adhesive vinyl in nine colours now:- Black, White, Pink, Red, Blue, Light Blue,
Yellow ,Black, Orange and Clear (Not shown in image). Clear vinyl is great for producing self-adhesive labels to go inside windows (eg. car rear windows).
Size of a roll of vinyl is 87mm wide x 50m in length. Price is 17.99+VAT per roll

We supply foils in seven colours which includes: Black, White, Yellow, Turquoise, Bright Red, Reflex Blue and Forest Green.  Size of foils is 110mm wide x 50 length. Foils cost just 6.99 +VAT each.

Our Vinyl and foils are very suitable for outdoors and will not easily fade or scratch off even when washing your car. We use the same grade of foils as used in harsh weather conditions (as used on containers at sea etc). Our foils are designed to even withstand chemicals.










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