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1) ZX-40 Ribbon Printer (Four Packages)
2) Matt & Metallic Foils in 55mm and 110mm width
3) Washcare Foils
4) Iron-on labels (ready to cut to pre-cut)
5) Washcare / Sew-in Labels
6) Sticky Labels
7) Address Labels
8) Ribbon Printer Attachments & Accessories.

Foil Colours


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Vinyl colours available



Length of Foils

All foils are 50 metres in length (That is
165 feet long or equivalent to 1950 inches).
The only exception is waterproof/washcare foils
which are 70m in length.

This is the length of ribbon which you should
be able to print from one roll of foil. From here,
you should easily be able to work out the
cost  of foil used in printing your ribbons



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