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Questions & Answers


Do you have agents selling your machines in my Country?

We do not employ sales agents in other countries as this helps us to keep our prices competitive. Also, as agents come and go, we would not wish our customers to be left without support - it is for these reasons why we prefer to ship direct from the UK to any country in the world. We are a company that has been successfully trading for over 24 years - we are here to stay and offer you first class support.

I do not speak English - can you reply to me in my language?

Whilst we only speak in English, we are happy to use translation software and reply to you in your preferred language - as long as you forgive us  that when we do reply to you in your language, the translation from English to your language may not be perfect!!  Please do not forget to tell us which language you are writing to us in :-)

Is there much demand for personalised ribbons?

Yes, very much so!   Personalised ribbons are used for weddings, parties and celebrations, gift wrapping, sending flowers, tributes,  chocolates, sashes for hen nights,  rosettes, greeting card decorations etc.

How easy is it to print onto ribbons?

Very easy!   If you can use your inkjet printer, you will be able to use our ZX-40 Ribbon Printer. We supply a free training DVD with your purchase which you can watch again and again. Why not watch our online demo video by clicking here.

How much space is require to operate the ZX-40 Ribbon Printer?

The ZX-40 Ribbon Printer is very compact taking up footspace of no more than 9.5" (L) x 8" (W) x 7" (H).

Does the ZX-40 Ribbon Printer work with Vista?

Yes, the ZX-40 now works with Windows Vista 32 bit and Windows 7

Does the ZX-40 Ribbon Printer work with a Mac?

The ZX-40 Ribbon Printer is not Mac compatible.

Why is DrawPlus  software better?

Quite simply, Drawplus  software is streets ahead of any custom-made software. Most people in the graphics industry have heard of DrawPlus and know of it's versatility, easy of use, reliability and stability - That's why we prefer to recommend and use a  well know and respected piece of software.

What is a Driver and what are it's functions?

A Driver is a free piece of software that enables you to use other graphics programme to print from (eg. DrawPlus  etc.). A 'Driver' is thus an essential piece of software to have than not to have.

Can I reuse the foil by turning it around?

The idea of turning the foil around and reusing it is not practical for many reasons. Although this idea is 'pushed' by our competitors, it is infact not a very practical idea.. Please click here to see why.

Is it possible to see an online demo video of the ZX-40 Ribbon Printer?

Yes, of course! Please click here.

Does the ZX-40 Ribbon Printer use any Type or Printing Plates?

The ZX-40 Ribbon Printer is totally digital and requires no metal type or printing plates. It simply prints what it sees on your computer screen.

What length of ribbon can I print from one roll of foil?

One roll of foil will enable you to print 50 metres (about 150 feet) of ribbon.

Can I print any length of ribbon?

With the ZX-40 Ribbon Printer, you can print virtually any length of ribbon. .

Can I print narrow as well as wide ribbons?

With the ZX-40 Ribbon Printer, you can print onto ribbons from 5mm to 100mm wide (4").

Can I print several colours onto the same ribbon?

Yes, you can - and we can show you how!.

Can I print more than one ribbon at a time with the ZX-40 Ribbon Printer?

Certainly! We  have now developed special adapters which will enable you to print several ribbons at a time. This will save you time and money.  We can supply different combination of adapters and can also custom make ones for you.

How much do the foils cost?

Foils cost from as little as 3.49+VAT per roll. To view prices and choice of colours,
please click here.  latest prices are always diaplayed in our shop at www.cplshop.co.uk  Please refer to this website for our final and current prices.

Where can I purchase ribbons from?

With your purchase, we will supply you with a list of recommended suppliers. Also, you should have no trouble in finding ribbons suppliers online as there are very many offering a great choice of ribbons in terms of quality and colour.

Do you offer any written instruction and a training DVD?

Yes, we do.  Infact, we are the only company to offer a free training DVD with every purchase as well
as full detailed written instructions. With Creative Printers, you can relax and learn to use your machine within minutes of unpacking.

Do you offer any after-sales support?

Absolutely.  We offer free on-going telephone and e-mail support. We also supply a wide range of foil colours from stock. We will also offer you a list of recommended suppliers for ribbons and other accessories.

How soon can you ship after receipt of payment?

Once payment has been received, we can usually ship within 48 hours (weekdays) worldwide.

How can I make payment for the goods?

We accept payment in Cash (If collecting in person from our premises),  Paypal , Credit Cards as well as Bank Transfer.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. We have already sold our sought-after ZX-40 Ribbon Printing System to our customers in over 30 Countries.

  Call us on 01708-731294  
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