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Ribbon Printing Machine     - The ZX-40 449.00+VAT
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The ZX-40 is a compact table-top ribbon printing system. It connects to any PC and works with any of the following operating systems:- Windows 2000, XP or Vista 32 Bit.

As the ZX-40 is a digital printing system, you will not require any special printing plates. We offer a wide choice of foils colours, including metallic gold and silver. We also offer foils in two width sizes, namely 55mm and 110mm for greater economy and versatility.

We can now also offer multi ribbon printer adapters which will enable you to print several ribbons at once, thereby saving you money on foils and saving you time. We can also custom make adapters to suit your needs. With the ZX-40, you can print from 5mm wide ribbons to 100mm sashes.

The ZX-40 can be operated in any country, anywhere in the world. For European  Countries and USA, we can also supply suitable electrical leads/adapters free of charge.

One of the beauties about the ZX-40 printing process is the ability to print ribbons in any language, be that in English, European, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Chinese. As it is a digital printing system, you can also add any type of clipart to your ribbon.




The ZX-40 must not be confused with other systems as it it is more than just a ribbon printer. With the ZX-40, you can also produce self-adhesive vinyl signs, bumper stickers, labels and much more. Please click onto video below to see a demonstration on how can benefit from printing custom stickers too.

The free downloadable software for the ZX-40 is more than just a ribbon printing software as supplied by others. It is a complete graphics package as well as as software for ribbon printing.  As it is a powerful graphics package, it will offer you greater scope to produce better and more interesting designs onto your  ribbons.

Although our ribbon printer is very easy to use, we do nevertheless supply a free training DVD with every purchase.


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> Specifications
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Our ZX-40 Ribbon printer is perhaps the only ribbon printer which will also enable you to print vertically as well as horizontally - great for Rosettes etc!

Yet another Satisfied Customer!

'"Just like to say I am quite impressed by the after sales service you give, when I've had any queries you've been very helpful and seem happy to do so.

When I had problems with changing to Vista you bent over backwards to get the new driver across to me. I feel most companies would have just flogged me the machine and then not be interested!'"

Terry Dann
Hastings (UK)  6th. July 2009






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