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Terms & Conditions

All our products and services are supplied to these Terms & Conditions.

1) Print Quality

Although the print quality achieved when using our system is of high quality, some allowances on print quality should be made when printing ribbons of different colours, textures and finishes.

The print quality will depend on the quality of the ribbon you choose. The smoother the ribbon, the better the print quality. We find that printing on to satin ribbons produces the best quality.

We cannot guarantee quality of print on other types of ribbons.

Also, the opacity of the print (foil) will vary depending on the background of the ribbon. With time, you will soon discover which ribbons work best with which foils.

You are advised to test print quality and durability on sample ribbons before ordering in larger quantity 
from your suppliers or carrying out printing jobs for your clients.  


2) Tests on your own Ribbons

We can test/print free (on your own satin ribbons) for up to 2 ribbons, after which we do make a charge of 50p+VAT per ribbon. This amount will be refunded in full if you do decide to purchase our ribbon printer. For overseas, customer is responsible for postage charges, both ways. For domestic customers, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with 2 x First Class Stamps along with reasonable length of your samples..

3) Purchase of Foils by non-CPL customers

We are happy to sell the foils to non-CPL customers but with the following conditions:-

1) There will be a minimum purchase order (excluding P&P and VAT) of 15.00+VAT

2) No responsibility will be accepted by Creative Printers to damage caused to non CPL ribbon printers when using our foils, materials or accessories..

3) We cannot guarantee prints results when using other supplier's machines.

4) We cannot be held responsible for lost orders due to non-availability of foils etc.


4) Returns Policy

We follow all current legislation and are happy to take back your purchase if returned to us within seven working days from the date of receipt of goods in order for you to inspect the goods.
In order for us to accept the above and offer a full refund, the goods must be unused, and any accompanying CD's or DVD's must remain unopened and any foils, ribbons etc unused. If these are opened or used, then it will be assumed that the customer has used the goods as they form an integral part of your product/package.

It is the customer's duty to ensure that goods are returned to us undamaged and packed such that any potential damage can be avoided. Customers must also inform us in writing or by e-mail of their intentions to return goods within the stipulated period. We cannot accept notice by telephone.

It is a condition of this contract  that a purchaser of our products will bear the shipping costs of returning the goods to us within the above stipulated period.

5) Delays in shipping goods

No liability will be accepted by Creative Printers for lost orders as a result of delays in supplying foils, out of stock situations, shipping and postal delays etc.

For overseas customers, if you request goods to be shipped to you via standard Air Mail (Royal Mail), then please be advised that should goods go missing, astray or arrive damaged, then it can take 30 to 90 days to claim compensation from the Royal Mail.  We always obtain proof of postage and our liability will end there - however,  we will always try to assist you as much as we can to claim compensation for your goods. We regret we cannot send out replacement goods 'free of charge' whilst claim is under investigation - they must be paid for and once we receive any compensation from the Royal Mail, your account will duly be credited This applies to when goods are sent by any means of shipment, including by couriers, below).

The best shipping method is for you to order  your goods via one of the larger couriers such as 'FedEx' etc. If you have your own account with them you can ask them to collect from us and settle payment with them directly or alternatively, we can arrange this for you at extra cost. Goods sent by this method can easily be tracked online and offer a more secure method of shipping.


6) Warranty

Warranty will be  considered void if any other material or foils are fed through the ZX-40 machine which have not been previously approved by Creative Printers of London. Warranty will also be void if the mechanisms of the machine are interfered in anyway, by anyone other than Creative Printers, unless we have previously agreed in writing  or via e-mail.

Warranty will also become void if wrong foils are used on the wrong materials (eg. Bumper sticker foil on ribbons and vice versa).

If the ZX-40 is returned to us under the warranty and we subsequently find that there is no fault with the printer, then our labour time will become chargeable at a cost of 30.00+VAT (minimum) plus 1.00+VAT for every minute thereafter.  More often than not, we can diagnose the problem and resolve it within 30 minutes. Customer will also be required to pay the return postage.

Warranty does not cover negligence , accidental  damage or inappropriate use of the ZX-40.










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