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The Market    

The market for personalised ribbons is vast and growing all the time.

With the ability to print ribbons digitally on demand , and without incurring any set-up charges, customer are increasingly finding the idea of getting ribbons personalised more and more appealing.

Personalised ribbons are used worldwide for many occasions:-

  • Weddings & Parties (Favours, Cars, Balloons, Chair Sashes)

  • Sashes for Hen Nights

  • Chocolates and Wine/Champagne Bottles

  • Sporting Events

  • Trophies & Awards

  • Grand Openings

  • Pet and Agricultural Shows

  • Cake Decorations. Birthdays, Anniversaries

  • Baby Showers

  • Embellishing Greeting Cards & Craft Projects

  • Graduation

  • Teddy Bears

  • Flowers & Floral Tributes

It's not too difficult to see just how large your market really is. With the ability to print ribbons in any language and on demand, the ZX-40 has mass worldwide appeal.

As the ZX-40 takes up a footspace of no more than 25cm (w) x 20cm (d) x 17cm (h), it can easily be used in the smallest of areas and conveniently operated alongside an existing business.  The market potential presented with the ZX-40 is such that it could also become a thriving standalone business in itself.














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