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Why Purchase from us


Low cost machine

Our package is more comprehensive and cheaper than our competitor's by at least 100.00+VAT ($ 200.00).

On top of that, our ribbon printer is more updated and current. Would you not rather have a more current version machine and save money at the same time?

Low cost foils

When comparing us with competition, please bear in mind that we are also cheaper when it comes to purchasing foils. In the long run, we could save you hundreds of pounds in consumables.

Many of our busy customers tend to purchase 100's of foils from us at a time, just think how much are they all saving!

Two sizes of foils!

Our competitor does not offer  half size foils foils (e.g.  55mm wide x 50m length) - WE DO!

Most people who print onto ribbons usually print onto ribbons which are between 5mm wide (For Favours) to about 50mm wide.  Since this is the case, then why waste a 110mm wide ribbon when printing onto narrower ribbons?

Our competitor suggests that you can turn the wider foil around thus using the unused part of the foil - but that is highly cumbersome and full of potential problems. As the foil is being fed through the machine and prints your ribbon, it can start to crease up on the waste uptake roller. Now, if you were to try and reuse this foil the other way round, you will misprints in the areas where the foil had creased.  Do you really want your customers complaining about misprints? We think not.

The biggest flaw with this idea also is that it is a "hit and miss" idea for the following reasons:-

If you are using a 110mm wide foil as our competitor suggests, then if  you are printing onto, say, a 65mm wide ribbon,
- you are then only left with 45mm of foil on the other side. Now, you cannot use the other side until the roll has been used up fully. Furthermore, when you are printing using the
unused part of the foil there is real danger than somewhere in your printing, you will begin to overlap on the already  used part of the foil thus giving you misprints. When you sit back and think about it, it not such a good idea after all!

The majority of our customers now purchase the 55mm width foils in the main - and that is self-evident that these are the most popular sizes for economy and ease of use.  No one works harder than we do to save you money and help make your business a success.

No extra charge for waste foil uptake tube

Others charge you extra for the waste uptake cardboard tube, whereas, we do not. With Creative Printers, there are no hidden extras or costs involved.

Adapters - for saving on foil and time

We want you to save money on foil as well as save time. To help you achieve this, we have come up with an innovative solution by introducing special adapters. These affordable adapters are available as optional extras and  in various configurations.  Rather than print one ribbon at a time, you can print several ribbons at a time when using our special adapters. All ribbons can have the same or different information, providing the same foil colour is used.

External  holder for oversized ribbons and sashes

It can often work our cheaper to purchase ribbons in large rolls, but the problem with larger ribbons is that they will not fit inside table-top machines. Once again, we have come up with a solution and have produced an optional external holder for oversized ribbons and sashes.

What's more, this product can accept ribbons with smaller or larger cores, thus making it extremely versatile!

Many products under one roof

Our competitor sees it as a problem where a competitor supplies more than just the ribbon printer.

We do not view this as a negative but a real positive.  Would you rather not deal with a company that handles a wide range of products and and has a forward thinking attitude  and is equally knowledgeable is all aspects?

Free training DVD & remote assistance

We are the only company to offer a free training DVD with the purchase of the ZX-40 Ribbon printing Machine. This training DVD lasts 45 minutes and shows you every step of the way how to successfully use our ribbon printing machine. With our training DVD, it's almost like being here and having a hands-on training session.

For those who would wish to benefit from hands-on training, remember, we do offer this totally free of charge at our premises in Romford.

On top of this, we offer free on-going support, whether it's by e-mail, telephone or in person plus new support services as follows:-.

Remote assistance

This is a new service which are now offering our customers totally free of charge. For those who are not familiar with this terminology, it basically means that if you experience any software issues or problems after purchasing from us, we should  be able to "go in to your computer" (You invite us) and help you to set up your software correctly. It also means that we might be able to help you with your design work in case you are experiencing any difficulties. With our free remote assistance service, it will be just like having one of  our IT experts sitting alongside you and guiding you on a one-to-one basis- no matter where you are in the world!

Case study 1:-

A customer in USA required help with design work - easy! - we logged into his computer with his permission and showed him instantly how to design his ribbon!   No expensive phone calls, no lengthy e-mails, no waiting - it was done instantly in front of his very own eyes!  Customer was left very happy and satisfied with our instant support.

Case study 2

A customer in Australia was experiencing a minor problem in using the machine. Well, we asked  the customer to point his webcam to the machine and we could see instantly what was going wrong and helped him address his concern rightaway!  Another satisfied customer!

Case study 3

A customer in South Africa wanted instant advice and she was able to chat with us using MSN messenger - yet another very grateful customer! She also saved money by avoid long distance phone calls.

Print in two or more colours

Our ZX-40 Ribbon Printing can print onto ribbons from 5mm wide 100mm wide (4"). Furthermore, we can show you how to print in two  or more colours using our ZX-40 Ribbon Printer.

This page addresses great reasons as to why you buy from us.
For Technical issues, please CLICK HERE







This page addresses great reasons as to why you buy from us.
For Technical issues, please CLICK HERE





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